Star gazing wandering Bear Necklace


Meet 'Cliff', our star gazing wandering bear.

Cliff's mum's favourite TV show was Cheers and she named Cliff after ....well, Cliff.

Cliff is a solid name for a solid bear...he takes everything in his stride and is phased by nothing.... absolutely nothing ....well, except maybe squirrels , which freak him out with their cute little feet and their long front teeth and their insane obsession with acorns ....
There are a lot of squirrels where cliff comes from.

Cliff is made from Sterling silver and is 25mm tall and 28mm from nose to tail.
He has a slight texture on his front with a delicate floral detail and on his back he has a beautiful leaf print.

He is hung on a delicate silver chain which is 17" long and has a little curly clasp and 3 tiny stars set into the chain. (please ask if you need a different length!!)

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