Seahorse Unicorn Charm


It's true.....It's real .....Unicorns DO exist and as proof here is 'Nigel' the Unicorn Seahorse. 

Nigel spends his days floating around the sea promoting equal rights for unicorn minorities. He is thrilled that we have taken up his cause and his kind are now believed in in the wider word ...unicorns are real but they don't poo rainbows. sad but true. 

Nigel is approx 24mm long and is available as a charm or with a chain included . (please see our other listing in 'necklaces') 

Nigel is in silver from real dried pygmy seahorses, given to me as child. 
It is not cool to buy dried seahorses now as they are so so endangered mostly due to the tourist industry (and their demand for dried seahorses) and bad fishing practices. So for me, these chaps symbolise not just a lasting love affair but also a love affair with seahorses. They are a symbol of a wonderful, strange little creature we need to protect in the wild.

This listing is for a CHARM - no chain included.

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