Mermaid Necklace - 'Kai'


This is Kai. 

Kai is your typical, away with the fairies, girly , mermaid.

She sings, collects shells and grows seaweed in her pretty mermaid garden. She sits on rocks combing her hair, flicking her beautiful sparkly tail absentmindedly in the sunshine....she also loves luring sailors to their watery demise and collects skulls, but thats just Kai....what can you do ?

Kai is sterling silver. (her name means 'sea' in Hawaiian)

She is approx. 40mm long from her head to her tail.
She is on a delicate sterling silver chain which is 17" long. (let us know if you need a different length ;) )
She has her own pet silver starfish and a little seahorse holds the catch with his tail.

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