Holly Hedgehog Necklace


This is Holly.
Holly is a very special hedgehog - she is inspired by a beautiful African Pygmy hedgehog also called Holly and owned by the lovely Nellie. Nellie rescued Holly and nursed her back to health. Now Holly is a spoiled, deeply loved bundle of spikes!!

As you can see, our Holly loves curling up in the Autumn leaves, she also loves to bake marshmallows on bonfires and can't WAIT for halloween when she can get dressed up and watch her favourite Buffy the Vampire slayer boxset with a tot of rum and some doritos.

Holly is 19mm long and 12mm wide (she's put on a little weight recently with all the marshmallows)

She is solid sterling silver and is cast from an original wax model hand carved by us!

This listing is for our Holly Hedgehog necklace and includes a 17" sterling silver chain

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