Little pygmy Seahorse Heart Charm


Horatio and Po' - the perfect pair of tiny little pygmy seahorses, tails entwined, staring deep into each others eyes...this is true love!!

Seahorses are monogamous and mate for life .... a true fairytale romance!

These little chaps are cast in silver from real dried pygmy seahorses, given to me as child.
It is not cool to buy dried seahorses now as they are so so endangered mostly due to the tourist industry (and their demand for dried seahorses) and bad fishing practices. So for me, these chaps symbolise not just a lasting love affair but also a love affair with seahorses. They are a symbol of a wonderful, strange little creature we need to protect in the wild.

Perfect for Valentines day or just as a loved up gift for you!! and why not!

Cast in sterling silver these little guys are Just 20mm long
(Does not include the chain )

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